The main objective of POWER2DM is to develop and validate a personalized self-management support system for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients that combines and integrates :

  1. A decision support system based on leading European predictive personalized models for diabetes interlinked with predictive computer models,
  2. An automated e-coaching functionalities based on Behavioural Change Theories, and
  3. Real-time Personal Data processing and interpretation.

The decision support system will be based on the complementary combination of proven predictive models for short term plasma glucose prediction, medium term diabetes progression, and long term risk scoring for diabetes complications. These models will be integrated in adaptive personalized behavior change interventions to increase adherence of the patients to their care program and improve their interaction with health professionals. A cloud-based Data Integration Service, collecting and processing data from personal devices and EHR/PHR in real-time feeds the decision support system.

The results of the self-management support system with respect to clinical parameters, awareness, acceptance and empowerment of the patient to participate in the care process will be evaluated in three studies in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.

The deliverables of the project will increase self-management capabilities and participation of the patient in the care process, resulting in better self-control and management of the disease. This will lead to better glucose management, thereby preventing severe episodes and long-term complications.

Overview POWER2DM: POWER2DM-D8.1